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Packaging and fabrication solutions

Our business is helping your business thrive. We offer world-class solutions in areas like packaging and composting. Every industry we support increasingly expects eco-conscious solutions that don't compromise on quality. And that's what drives us.

We dedicate significant budget and resources to research and development overseas, bringing the smartest innovations back into the NZ market. 

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Partnering with New Zealand to deliver incredible products

Contour International's flagship packaging brand Enduro is the choice of hundreds of Kiwi businesses. We understand that the quality of consumables and packaging machines has a direct influence on how well your business runs. It's why we ensure our products and support are second to none. Whether you're in food manufacturing, retail, education, supermarkets or hospitality, Contour International is a partner you can rely on. 

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Composting solutions for domestic and commercial chefs - reduce food waste without creating greenhouse gasses
Electronic composting machines that operate with mechanical action, heat, air and microbes to break down food waste quickly, safely and efficiently. Learn more at

Our environmental mission

And how it impacts what we do.

Continual R&D. The innovation in our space across the globe is nothing short of incredible. Our team are always looking for products that make production lines and business processes nicer to the planet. This includes biodegradable and compostable consumable materials and the incredible range of Enduro composting machines that contribute to a circular economy.

Reducing strain on NZ's landfill. New Zealand has a challenge with the sheer amount of rubbish going into landfills. It's in our best interests to slow this down and reduce what goes to the tip. A high volume product like food packaging simply doesn't need to be adding to the problem. Our Enduro brand offers recyclable and compostable solutions.

Making compost clean, quick and fun. We believe so strongly in the power of composting, but understand this practice isn't always viewed as efficient, clean or easy. That changes with our introduction of Enduro composting machines. These all in one composters use state of the art technology to contain, breakdown and prepare waste into compost that can go back into the garden.

Empowering Kiwi businesses in their own sustainable journey. We're still on our own journey to improve practices and products' environmental impact. If you're on a similar mission, we're able to bring new innovations to you proactively, working closely to implement these into your business seamlessly. 

Our story

Contour International is a family owned, New Zealand-based business, driven to deliver world-class packaging solutions and innovations to reduce or remove waste from landfills. Learn more about our journey so far.

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Whether you are looking for a simple product packaging solution for a small business, or are interested in creating a commercial automated packaging line, here at Contour International our goal is to help you sustain and grow your business by providing efficient quality food packaging and production solutions.

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